Meet the coach before you hire them

I feel strongly, that clients deserve to meet a coach, before they are asked to pay that coach. On a discovery call I'll give you an idea of my professional background and my coaching style. I will give you my honest opinion on whether I feel my coaching would be a good fit for your individual objectives. There is no charge and no obligation with a discovery call.

Sara G. Szabó Holistic Business Coach

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Sara Szabó

“Working with Sara is a dream. Her overall business sense is impeccable, attention to detail extremely precise and her willingness to help others so very endearing. She exudes passion for her business and I have considered her a wealth of knowledge from day one!”

Business Coach & Entrepreneur

Sara Szabó

“Everyone needs a coach. Even the best at their craft have coaches. Sara has helped me vet my thoughts, create plans and get my mindset straight for over a year. With her, it's less about talking than it is about listening - but then we always end with a plan that we've collaboratively created. Endorse.”

President, BenEngage | Benefits & Health Equity Advisor

Sara Szabó

“I have worked with Sara for more than a year and have benefited both personally and professional from my time with her. She helps me find clarity and answers in my day-to-day, and assists in helping me work toward work-life balance. She coaches without judgement or criticism while at the same time pointing out areas of improvement. I have referred her many times to colleagues and friends, and am always thanked for the introduction. If you aren't sure if you need Sara as a coach in your life, the answer is YES! You do”

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