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For over a decade Sara Szabó has been an invaluable resource for people seeking to discover and overcome personal obstacles that prevent them from reaching their full potential in life and business. Through her own twenty-year entrepreneurial journey of business-building and consulting, she understands small business and how important it is to be profitable. Sara’s coaching is deep and insightful, her nature honest and sincere. Her number one goal is to help professionals identify and overcome the barriers that are preventing them from achieving greater success and increased income.

Why I Coach

Since 2003 I've had a front row seat to the direct impact of my coaching on countless people's lives. 

I saw the impact immediately when I first began Life Coaching for the benefit of my competitive Scottish Highland dance students. Let's just say it totally worked. I saw more benefits when I began integrating Life Coaching methods into my business consulting work. Yeah, it worked there too. 

Year after year since 2010, I've witnessed the massive impact a compassionate, skilled coaching professional can have on a person's life, work and accomplishments. That is why I'm so deeply driven to do all I can to ensure quality coaching reaches as many people as possible.  

I'm here to deliver high quality coaching

Sara Szabó

“Working with Sara is a dream. Her overall business sense is impeccable, attention to detail extremely precise and her willingness to help others so very endearing. She exudes passion for her business and I have considered her a wealth of knowledge from day one!”

Business Coach & Entrepreneur

Sara Szabó

“Everyone needs a coach. Even the best at their craft have coaches. Sara has helped me vet my thoughts, create plans and get my mindset straight for over a year. With her, it's less about talking than it is about listening - but then we always end with a plan that we've collaboratively created. Endorse.”

President, BenEngage | Benefits & Health Equity Advisor

Sara Szabó

“I have worked with Sara for more than a year and have benefited both personally and professional from my time with her. She helps me find clarity and answers in my day-to-day, and assists in helping me work toward work-life balance. She coaches without judgement or criticism while at the same time pointing out areas of improvement. I have referred her many times to colleagues and friends, and am always thanked for the introduction. If you aren't sure if you need Sara as a coach in your life, the answer is YES! You do”

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