Access to Coaching is Key

Quality Coaching Should Not Out of Reach

My willingness to choose people over profits has made me a bit of an outlier in the coaching space. You see, other coaches apply the rules of supply and demand and restrict supply  as a means of increasing both demand and rates. I however, simply don't want to restrict my supply. Coaches is incredibly beneficial in peoples lives. I'm not willing to restrict that to a point where large groups of the population lose access. There's another way to increase rates and it's the quality of your work. I've developed and demonstrated my skills over and over again.  It's allowed me to continually raise my rates since 2020. I will continue to raise my rates as my skills continue to develop. However, I will not restrict access to my services. 

You're welcome to book a single session with me at any time. This may be helpful if you just need one hour of my time, and not six months of coaching. It may also be helpful if you're not so sure about me yet and want to try me out. Many prior clients like to stop by for one session here and there. They know the quality is worth the rate, but don't have a need for a subscription. You may also be working with another coach, or in a mastermind and finding yourself frustrated with the lack of private coaching, lack of quality coaching, or lack of results. I'm exceptional in this space. If this resonates with you I encourage you to book a session and see how leveraging me as a supplemental coach can unlock your return on investment in your current coaching container.  

I've spent years practicing client responsive coaching. This means that I don't bring an agenda into these sessions. I show up, I listen, I see and hear and I respond with appropriate coaching to the clients legitimate needs in the moment. This allows me to confidently book one session at a time. This allows me to provide access to quality coaching in a market that loves to restrict access to it's coaches. 

Sara Szabó

“Sara is the best! She has such fresh perspectives. Every time I leave a coaching session, I feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to push through any roadblock. She is sweet, compassionate and wise. You will love working with her!”

Pastry Chef | THYME X TABLE

Sara Szabó

“Everyone needs a coach. Even the best at their craft have coaches. Sara has helped me vet my thoughts, create plans and get my mindset straight for over a year. With her, it's less about talking than it is about listening - but then we always end with a plan that we've collaboratively created. Endorse.”

President, BenEngage | Benefits & Health Equity Advisor

Sara Szabó

“I have worked with Sara for more than a year and have benefited both personally and professional from my time with her. She helps me find clarity and answers in my day-to-day, and assists in helping me work toward work-life balance. She coaches without judgement or criticism while at the same time pointing out areas of improvement. I have referred her many times to colleagues and friends, and am always thanked for the introduction. If you aren't sure if you need Sara as a coach in your life, the answer is YES! You do”

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